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Coastal Action
The Coastal commuities research hub
Researching coastal communities

Coastal action – the seaside branch of Capture Politics is a research organisation based in Hastings. Being based coastally our research focuses on coastal communities.


We are particularly interested in UK coastal, social issues, social change, gentrification and regeneration. We conduct research in these policy areas and seek to produce knowledge that can help coastal communities thrive. As this is an under-researched topic area we also aim to use our research to promote discussion on how to improve coastal communities.

Get updates on our research here:

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James Prentice
Lead Researcher


Chris Connelley


We conduct research on coastal communities. We focus on how these communities change and specific issues that affect these communities. For instance, so far we have researched gentrification and deprivation within such areas.


We publish reports on our research and review others. We seek to make our reports accessible to a wide audience so both the public and researchers can gain knowledge from our work. These reports contain unique findings that set us apart from other organisations.


We aim to present these findings through interesting & informative events. For example, we have presented our work on gentrification at a town styled meeting we helped organise. We also have presented work through surveys & polling. 


We aim to undertake research that provokes discussion within coastal communities. We seek to do this online through social media posts. We also seek to conduct research through focus group discussions and organising community events that encourages discussion.

Image by Ben Guerin
Our Articles & Reports

Published 18/08/2023

A report of gentrification in Hastings


Published 17/07/2015

Social Capital and Local Government Performance

Image by Benjamin Davies

Published 17/07/2017

Eastbourne Heritage Audit, Council Report.

Image by Julie Michaud

Published 30/04/2017

Hastings 2019 Tourism Report

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