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About Capture Politics
  • I have lived in the Hastings and St Leonards area all my life, I attended local schools and colleges and have lived in the central St Leonards area since 2000. I obtained my undergraduate degree at the University of Kent.

  • I am currently attending the University of Sussex aiming to gain a PhD with my research into political change in Britain, which focuses on statistical methods to measure political change.

  • I have recently finished my Master's Degree in Political Science which focused on Public Opinion where I gained a distinction (70%+) class degree. In this degree, I focused on developing an understanding of more advanced statistical techniques using R coding software. In my dissertation, I used many large N data-sets when analysing British political trends across the last couple of decades.​ During my studies, I became immersed in quantitative methods and I became very interested in researching political change in Britain and inequality. ​

  • During my studies, I have worked greatly on improving my research and presentation skills. I have also aimed to produce my research in digestible formats the wider public can engage with. Such work can be viewed in the books, articles and blog posts located throughout this website. 

  • I have had work experience in managing large amounts of data. In my local government job as a county council administrator, I produced financial reports for managers who had to make financial-based decisions. My figures summarised large amounts of data and projected future figures in a simplified format that could be read in meetings.

  • I have also had experience in managing research projects. For example, I have worked with Eastbourne & Lewes borough council by conducting a heritage audit on behalf of the council. In this audit, I constructed my own database and heritage grading system and I then recorded the data. Subsequently, I analysed the results and outlined how well heritage had been protected on a ward by ward and street by street level. I produced a report outlining my findings, of which was presented to Eastbourne council & its elected officials. 

James Prentice 
Lead Researcher

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