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What we do

Analyse Data

We aim to undertake political research through sorting and analysing data. From this analysis, we shape a story that captures our research's findings. We seek to research complex political trends and make them digestible for a wide interested audience. 



We aim to present these findings through interesting, engaging, fun and informative info-graphics. Our visualisations will also aim to reflect the story we feel we have found from our data analysis.

Publish Research

We seek to research political trends and publish this in the form of a narrative designed to make complex political developments understandable to wider audiences. 

We do this through blogs, articles and books.

Image by Bank Phrom

Presenting &
Focus Groups

We like to present our findings to interested audiences.

In the past, we have presented work on local election polling at local hustings events. 

We have also presented our research on gentrification at local town meetings. 

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