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The 2019 GE explained: Why Labour lost & the Tories Won

This book contains an extensive in-depth analysis of the 2019 General Election result. It covers the changes that took place between the 2017 & 19' election, whilst also exploring how opinion changed during the campaign itself. It particularly focuses on how the opinions of voters shaped the election outcomes. For instance, it outlines how the electorate looked less favourably upon Labour than they did the Conservative Party, thus helping the Tories to win. 


This book is recommended for those interested in and studying British and electoral politics. This book is also useful for the purpose of referencing in essays. The book's findings generally show that Corbyn, Labour's radical manifesto and the Tories' better image (in terms of leadership and Brexit) helped the Tories win the election. If interested in gaining access to the full E-book please contact us.

Please cite books as "Prentice, James. 2019, The 2019 GE explained: Why Labour lost and the Tories won, Capture Politics". 

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