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There are many competing explanations as to why Labour lost four successive elections in the 2010s. This book's purpose is to outline which explanations best explain Labour's failures and to conclude by stating the main reason behind Labour's lost decade. This book's approach is to use voters' opinions to understand why many voters abandoned Labour post-2005 and did not return to Labour throughout the last decade. This data-driven approach is aimed to provide an impartial and factually correct answer to the controversial question of why Labour had become unelectable after a decade of dominance during the New Labour era. It communicates this information to a non-data-minded audience in an engaging and accessible way by using basic numbers and colourful data visualisations that will enable readers to leave the book with new information and a clear answer to the question of; Why did Labour keep losing elections in the 2010s?


This book is recommended for those interested in the Labour Party and learning something new about British and electoral politics. This book is also useful for the purpose of referencing in essays.

For those interested, you can download a sample of the book and purchase a copy on Amazon using the links below.

The author of this book, Dr. James Prentice, has used his doctoral research to create this book. His research has been approved by supervisors and examiners at the University of Sussex and Newcastle University.


Please cite books as "Prentice, James. 2021. Labour's lost decadeWhy Labour loses and How they can win, Capture Politics". 

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